Zippered Mattress Cover

Transporting your bed mattress from one location to another can present a whole host of logistical challenges. It is not really as simple as hauling the mattress onto the top of your car, tie it down, drive to your new home, and then unload it there. Sure, you could certainly do that if you wanted to. It sounds simple enough to do, doesn’t it? But doing so implies that you are assuming a great deal of risk. Unless you aren’t really all that concerned about whether your mattress makes it to your destination safely without getting scratched, soaked, or dirtied in the process of transit, then you do need to take into consideration the risks involved. Anything can happen en route during the whole transportation process.

It could start raining on your mattress. Mud, dust, dirt, and gravel can splatter onto your mattress, kicked up by your or somebody else’s tyres. Or your mattress could get scraped or torn in the process. Or, worse, your mattress could just plain fall off of your car entirely as a result of accelerating or hitting the brakes too quickly or abruptly.

In the hopefully unlikely event that any of the above could happen, what you will want to do is take the necessary measures and appropriate precautions to mitigate that risk. One very effective and reliable solution would be to encase your mattress inside a zippered mattress cover. And this zippered mattress cover needs to be comprised of durable material that doesn’t rip or tear easily. Furthermore, it needs to be waterproof. It should basically keep all solid and liquid particles from permeating the cover lining. This will ensure that your mattress makes it from point A to point B in one piece.

This is ideal if you are in a situation where you cannot avoid transporting your mattress in inclement weather such as rain, wind, or snow, and where there is a potential for particulate matter from the road might be kicked up and might soil the mattress fabric. Furthermore, if you make an investment in the right type of zipped mattress cover, you should even be able to save it for future use, if you were to ever need to move your mattress again. This way you need not waste your money on disposable coverings, many of which aren’t even of adequate enough quality as to provide adequate protection for your mattress anyway.

Another useful purpose for this type of cover would be if you needed to put your mattress in storage for several weeks, months, or years.

Don’t even think about transporting your mattress without encasing it within a zippered mattress cover.

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